Client Policies & Working Agreement

Your privacy is extremely important to me, and as new technology threatens to invade our lives to ever increasing extremes, I believe that it is my responsibility to help you navigate your technology to make it work for you and protect you.  This page addresses several important policies about our working agreement.

This client policy/working agreement section is something I ask every client to read because it states in non-legal terms how I feel about our working relationship.  It explains what you can expect from me, and what I expect from you.  It also contains information about what happens at the end of your service period. The website privacy policy is here.

What Happens at the End of Your Service Package Period?

Example of an Invoice for GF Web Services
Click to Enlarge this example Maintenance package Invoice

When you first become a client, you will probably select one of the Build packages or we have discussed a bid/trade for me to build your website.  About 2 month before the end of this initial service package expires (which is a year from the date you paid) you will be sent an invoice for a Maintenance package such as the one illustrated here.  At this time you can select the level of service you need to maintain your domain names and websites.

Maintenance packages are normally a fraction of the Build package cost, and you can opt-in for additional services at that time if you like.  If this Maintenance package invoice is not paid by the due date, your domain name and hosting will expire.  I cannot recover expired domain names but will have backups of your website images and text.  These backups can be used for a new Build package, but Maintenance packages do not include me rebuilding an expired site or the purchase of a new domain name, so it is best to be on time.

Our Working Agreement

When you hire me as your graphic designer, ghost writer, website administrator, or for any other service, you and I (“Friday”) enter into an agreement that I take very seriously.  Part of that agreement is that I will do everything in my power to make your project a success.  There are a few caveats to this that protect everyone, specifically. . .

  • What I Won’t Share
    What happens on your website, with your business, or in your personal life is your business.  I will not disclose anything about you or your own customers and business to anyone, even after you are no longer a client.  I will never disclose that I am the true author of your book, I will not harvest your customers’ information, and I will not use information I have about you to assist any of my other clients.  Continued prodding for such information about other clients to benefit yourself or your business will get you dropped as my client as a “conflict of interest”, so it is best to simply not ask for such information.  When we have a consultation at your home, that location is not disclosed, nor is any of your personal life (I don’t even see the dirty dishes or the “dirty laundry”.)
  • What I Might Share WITH Your Permission
    I may ask to share that you are my client for references or testimonials.
      When this happens, I will ask for your permission first, and then let you decide how and when you wish to provide a testimonial or reference.  You may agree, refuse, or agree to do so anonymously.  I may ask to list your website on my clients’ page as an example of my work, and you may agree or refuse as you see fit.  I will always respect your decision.
  • Holding Up Your End
    Please contact me in a way that I can serve you better.  You can contact me 24/7/365 and as often as your bundled service plan provides.  However, you may need to send text messages or leave a voice mail to reach me efficiently. If you do call, always leave a detailed voice mail including exactly what you need and your call-back number so I know what materials, equipment, and tools will be necessary to address your situation.   Please understand that I will bend over backward on your behalf.  Your project becomes my priority and I cherish your patronage.  However, remember that you get what you pay for, and I will not be taken advantage of.  Specifically…

An Example of Behavior that gets Clients Dropped:
Paying for a budget bundled package and then continually requesting numerous additional features without paying for a larger bundle or À la carte services.

What Happens to Dropped Clients’ Stuff?
I will continue to host and maintain your websites, email, and domain names to the end of your service year (one year from the day you paid for your services) before which time you should have made plans to move your materials to another host and administrator.  I will always cooperate with this move and transfer, and as always, you retain the ownership of your website, domain name, and any logos, graphics, or text I have created for you.

A Special Note About E-commerce & Online Stores
If you purchase a service À la carte or an Economy, Business, or Enterprise package and then expect a full shopping cart suite and someone to maintain your eCommerce store, that isn’t going to happen at the discount bundled price.  All of the bundled packages can include the ability to create your own online store upon your request, and I will install and configure all the software to enable you to sell products or services online, along with the links to training videos and documents from your eCommerce software solution to help you fine-tune and populate the site with your products.  However, the bundled packages obviously do not include me creating a store for you, taking pictures of all your products and listing them on your site, shipping items to your customers, or fine-tuning personal settings that can be easily accomplished through the videos and documentation provided.  If you need these employee-type services, we can discuss them, however, they are not included in any packages other than the Preferred Professional package.  With prior discussion, the Preferred Professional package may include these services but are limited to the training and content work hours allotted in that bundle.