What’s Included in Web Services

Select a Bundled Service Package to save, or select individual services from the À la carte menu. If you need further assistance after reviewing the bundles, please call to discuss the size of your project and the level of support you need.

Two types of Bundles are available:
Build Packages: For your first year with Friday, a Build package is recommended. The extra training and support make it a great choice when you are still learning to be your own webmaster or when you have new staff to train. Extra content hours allow Friday the time to create your logo, optimize your images, help you with social networking, fine tune SEO and more.
Maintenance Packages: Subsequent years do not usually require the services included in Build packages, and you will have learned to do most of your own webmaster work through training sessions with Friday. Maintenance packages save you money and offer you whatever level of support you desire from just the basics to full service.

All Build Bundled Service Packages Include:

Premium Domain Services

Domain names are maintained and renewed (always in your name). Additional domain services such as parking, forwarding, transferring, registering and mirroring are free with all bundles.

Unlimited Storage

Never worry about running out of storage for your photo gallery, database, products and more. Do you have extra pictures from your latest events? No problem. Hundreds of thousands of contacts? Easy.

Content Work

Do you need someone to take a picture and upload a description? When your staff doesn’t have time, Friday can help. Choose your service level from the packages offered below.

Preferred Support

When you need anything, your webmaster, Friday Gladheart, is always available. Select the level of support you need from the packages offered below. Support is offered via email, chat, phone and in-person.

Scheduled Support is any time during business hours: Monday-Friday: 9 am -5 pm | Saturday: 9 am – 4 pm. Emergency support is included after hours so long as this feature is not abused.

On Demand Support is available for the Preferred Professional Build Bundle and the Full Service Maintenance Package. You have access to Friday 27/7/365 and I try to get back to you within an hour.


Schedule an in-person training session to become acquainted with your new website, or to train new staff in operations. Group or individual training is available to suit your needs, and remote video conferencing is available for locations outside of Arkansas.

Custom Design & Templating

Professional, responsive designs are optimized for search engines and adapt to all devices.

Email Forwarding

Instead of using email addresses that change with your internet account, show a professional presence with unlimited email forwarding. [email protected]?.com and [email protected]ahoo?.com becomes [email protected] Feel confident that your contact information can be printed on business cards, in advertisements, and on other business stationery without becoming outdated.

Reliable Presence

With a historic record of over 20 years of rock-solid stable hosting and over a 99.9% “up-time” rate, you can be confident that your website will always be available. Redundant servers take over in the event of major outages (tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.). Full-service hosting mean unlimited bandwidth too. 1

Backups & Updates

A backup of your website files and any attached database is saved as per your bundles’ schedule. When you are using a CMS, internal backups are also made via plugins. Your CMS and any installed extensions and plugins are also updated according to your bundle schedule. Friday stays up to date with the latest advances and technologies, and will always pass this knowledge on to you by offering suggestions and insights about your site.

And Much More Upon Request . . .

  • Google Analytics Tracking & Insights
  • In-House Newsletter & Contact Mailing
  • Private Whois Information
  • Security Certificate & SSL
  • The ability to sell digital and/or tangible products.

Build Bundles

The Economy & Business Bundles are great for businesses with knowledgeable staff, or when you need a fairly simple website, blog or small shopfront. The Enterprise Bundle will quickly send you on your way toward independence. Extensive one-on-one or group training and preferred support, along with content work to get your site running seamlessly. The Preferred Professional Bundle is limited to just a few clients each year and gives you on demand support, training, custom logo design, many extra features, and multiple websites.

The “Fine” Print

1 In the event of national television spots or mass media advertising of your domain, severe excess traffic may slow response time of the website unless you notify Friday at least 1 week in advance. Otherwise, no delays should occur for fewer than 10,000 visitors simultaneously.

2 The Preferred Professional Build Bundle and the Full Service Maintenance Bundle are limited to just a few clients each year. These bundles put Friday at your beck and call 24/7 and give you priority service. Please inquire to check availability and to reserve these bundles.

3 Who are You Paying? Girl Friday Web Services is Friday Gladheart. Friday lives in Montgomery County, Arkansas and works as an independent contractor for a wide variety of businesses across the globe. Working as a web designer and publisher since 1995, she has extensive experience with search engine optimization, css, html, php and many other technologies. With a strong background in both graphic design and marketing, she can help you achieve a polished, professional and delightfully functional web presence.

4 Payments: Payments are accepted with cash, check, U.S.P.S. money order, and credit card. Friday is also open to negotiate trades for any services. All prices include applicable taxes. Monthly or quarterly invoicing is available for Maintenance Plans upon request.

5 Training, support, and content work hours are interchangeable on Build packages, so if you prefer more training, subtract it from your content work or vice versa.